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Kansas Geological Society & Library

Kansas Geological Society Library

The KGS Library has the most complete collection of oil and gas well data for the State of Kansas and surrounding areas. Donated by industry since 1923.

Robert F. Walters Digital Geological Library has 2,229,095 digital documents and logs available. See the count by county.

Kansas Geological Society

The Kansas Geological Society (KGS) is composed of geological professionals from across the country. The Society hosts many educational lectures and social functions and maintains a library of geological data.

The Kansas Geological Society & Library is located in Wichita, in the Landmark Square Building, just north of the corner of Market and First Street.

Bulletin: July - August 2015
Bulletin: May - June 2015

KGS Golf Tournament

Monday, July 13, 2015

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KGS Library Will Be Closed

Friday, July 3rd

Happy 4th!

AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting

Early Bird Registration Ends July 31st

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Robert F. Walters Digital Geological Library

Version 1.3

LAS Files Now Available on Walters Digital Library

over 14,000 LAS files have been added to the database

5/1/2015: East Range Log Files & Plotted Geo's Scanned

click here for map-Well Logs

click here for map - Plotted Geos

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Search Wells with News Since mm/dd/yyyy

We recently improved the performance of this feature. In the Search Wells form, you can enter a date in the "News" field. This filters the wells to include only wells that have new or updated data or documents since the date you supplied. Please give it a try and send us your suggestions.

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