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Kansas Geological Foundation

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of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (A.A.P.G.)

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Robert F. Walters Digital Geological Library - Membership

Membership in Robert F. Walters Digital Geological Library (WDL) is available to everyone.
WDL Membership for:      annual fee
    KGS Library Member   $600.00
    All Others $2,000.00
    One-Month Trial $250.00  - applicable toward annual fee

Kansas Geological Society - Membership

Membership in the Kansas Geological Society (KGS) is by qualification only.
   annual fee
Active Membership $45.00
Associate Membership   $45.00
Supporting Membership   $45.00
Student Membership   $15.00
With Kansas Geological Society membership, you will receive the KGS bi-monthly bulletin, priority access to informative field trips, and technical talks. Access to the KGS Library is available with a day fee, or with membership in the KGS Library (see below).

Kansas Geological Society Membership Application

For more information, please see the membership brochure, or contact us.

KGS Library - Membership

Membership in the KGS Library is available only to members of the Kansas Geological Society.
Library membership for   annual fee
KGS Active Member $800.00
KGS Senior Active Member $600.00
KGS Associate Member $950.00
KGS Supporting Member $1,200.00
KGS Student $400.00
Benefits of membership in the KGS Library include:
  • Private Cubicles
  • Conference Room
  • AAPG Bulletins
  • Reproduction Machines
  • Drafting / Light Tables
  • USGS 7.5" Topo Maps
  • Kansas Geological Survey Bulletins
  • Access to the largest collection of well data in the state
  • Access to the Library's collection of publications
  • Discount on copy charges (20%)

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